What is an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a simple conversational tool wherein people explain about themselves, the product or the service within about 20 or 30 seconds. The more effective the pitch, the more interested the listener will be. It is one of the best ways to showcase why others should engage or connect with you. It should be brief, action-oriented and also have space for the listener to digest and come back with a response.

How can an elevator pitch connect with graphics?

As a well-known brochure design company in Surat, Algotrick likes to think out of the box. As we were brainstorming internally, we found a similarity between a good elevator pitch and powerful logos, graphics and infographics. While we are in the business of Logo Revamping Solutions in Surat, the common thread is that all can capture and retain the attention for a short period and move people to action if done effectively.

An elevator pitch is aural while good graphic design and logo design is visual. But the basic principles remain the same, and the result is also the same. So if we apply the same principles of designing an elevator pitch to create good logos and graphics, then our customers stand a sure chance of making a positive impact on their end-users.


What is Design Thinking?

Algotrick is proud to say that some of the best logo designs in Surathave come from our stable. Our years of experience, competent designers (the best graphic designers in Suratbasically) and depth of business understanding help us deliver strong solutions to customers, be it logos, infographics or brochure design.

Some of the principles we use to create good logos and graphics are

1) Understand the business

Having a fundamental understanding of the business is extremely important if one aspires to be the best logo design company in Surat. What is the aim of the business? How does it seek to differentiate itself? What are the customer’s aspirations and vision for the brand?

2) What type of logo will suit the business?

There are different logo types including but not limited to icons, emblems, textual, abstract and 3D logo designs. Only by undertaking a consultative approach can the real business pain point be identified. Once a consultative approach is undertaken, a customer stays with a company for life.

Did you know

95% of Algotrick customers come back to us for solutions? Our Google reviews are proof enough!

What makes Algotrick so unique as a graphic design company based in Suratoffering logo designs in Surat?

1) No off the shelf designs

Each logo, graphic or infographic is painstakingly researched and brainstormed. We aspire to deliver only the best designs for our customers. No ready-made clipart, no short cuts and no modifications to past logos. Each design is a story crafted and freshly brewed for your success.

2) Trendsetters

We keep our ears close to the ground. We are constantly in touch with the best design minds from around the world and keep building our expertise and constantly learning. Thus when you engage with us, you are empowered with the latest trends when you discuss your project with us, and thus you have a durable and long-lasting solution.

3) Colours, shapes and psychology

Each logo design, graphic or infographic has a specific theme and story. We use the best of colour combinations that seek to inspire and create an immediate spark or affinity. Each colour and shape can send out an unconscious message. A keen understanding of these concepts will help to achieve the best combination for a business.

4) Design Thinking

Our approach is rooted in design thinking and utilization of these principles gives us an edge. Whether you are looking for a brochure design company in Surat, logo redesign company in Surat, web design company in Surator ecommerce web developer in Surat, the principles of design thinking are the same across any domain.

5) Mock-ups and Customer Delivery

We are not the ones to coerce customers into a solution. We undertake a collaborative approach, and our very journey starts with understanding the customer’s business, their pain points and how we can deliver a solution to help them overcome those challenges. Each solution is customized. There is no run-of-the-mill or hurried approach. We put time and effort into each mock-up we make. Even before the mock-ups are circulated to the customer, we take detailed feedback from our user base and then deliver a solution. We have had cases where customer fell in love with more than one logo and was pampered for choice. No wonder, we are one of the best graphic designing company in Suratand infographic website designers in Surat.

6) Foresight and vector files delivery

Some logos look good when the size is small. But if the size is enlarged, then they may look awkward or give a negative connotation. Algotrick, as the best infographic website designers in Surat, delivers all logos and graphics in vector format. We consider all permutations and combinations and size possibilities. Thus, whether you want to print your logo and graphics on a flex board or a visiting card, the aesthetic appeal will remain the same.

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